Unlock your modem online is the easiest, fastest and most convenient way to unlock your modem or router without losing the warranty. Each device has a unique unlock code, it is dangerous to use the wrong codes.

Need an unlock code, our unlocking service allows you to calculate the official factory unlock code for any type of modem, gateway router, mobile hotspot, wingles, internet stick and more. Instant unlock code for all these brands: Huawei, Alcatel One Touch, ZTE, Micromax and Maxon.

With our server, we have 98% chance to generate your unlock code. Once unlocked, you have the freedom to use SIM cards of all operators worldwide. Our unlock solution is permanent, lifetime warranty.


Modem Unlock Code Calculator


1- Make sure the device will prompt and ask you for a network code when a different or unsupported network sim card is inserted.

2- Make sure that the IMEI number is correct. Usually your model number and the IMEI number are on the sticker on the back of your device or under the battery.

3- Our processing time is 5 minutes - 3 hours to generate the code. Please allow up to maximum of 24 hours if this is a server based service. It may take longer if the server is down and in that case we will inform you.

4- We will send you the unlock code with instructions once the calculated code. After unlocking your device will never be locked again.

5- 100% Money Back Guarantee if your code not found or unsupported in our data base.


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