How to enter unlock code Huawei phone, find step by step unlocking instructions for Huawei cell phones. Need a Huawei unlock code to unlock your phone for free, our Huawei unlocking service can unlock almost all Huawei phones.

How to enter unlock code for Huawei phone

How to unlock Huawei phone

  • Model: All Huawei

    1 - Turn ON the phone with an Unauthorized Sim Card.

    2 - Pone will prompt for Unlock Code.

    3 - Enter Unlock Code.

    4 - Phone now Unlocked.

    Check Lock Status on Huawei Phones:

    1 - At phone dial pad enter *#*#2846579#*#*

    2 - select "projectMenu"

    3 - select" Network Setting"

    4 - select "Sim card lock state query"

    5 - You will most likely to see this "SP_LOCK Confirmed" then, you need 3rd number.

    Reset Simlock Block Huawei

    Your provider should also give you 4 sets of number:

    1st number = Network lock

    2nd number = Network subset lock

    3rd number = Service provider lock

    4th number = Corporate Lock

    Notice: You must enter the 2nd code, 3rd code, and 4th code separately until the phone display “SIM Network Unlock Pin”, and then you enter the 1st code to unlock the phone.

    1 - Turn ON the phone with an Unauthorized Sim Card.

    2 - Enter the 2nd set of code.

    3 - Enter the 3rd set of code.

    4 - Enter the 4th set of code.

    5 - Enter the 1st set of code.

    6. Phone now unblocked and unlocked.

Huawei unlock code calculator

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