« Modem Unlock Code Calculator » is a free service that allows users to unlock their key internet 3G / 4G locked to use the SIM card of any mobile operator in the world, all the information is available to you to help. Huawei CDMA Modems:

EC 122, EC 150, EC 152, EC 156, EC 159, EC 167, EC 168, EC 169, EC 176, EC 177, EC 178, EC 179, EC 181, EC 186, EC 189, EC 199, EC 226, EC 306, EC 315, EC 321, EC 325, EC 367, EC 1201, EC 1260, EC 1261, EC 1270, EC 1561, EC 1705, EC 3372, EC 5072, EC 5220, EC 5321, EC 5373, EC 5377, EC 5805, EC 8189, EC 8201 and other

Need a flash code to update the firmware version of the CDMA modems, we offer the possibility of obtaining the specific flash code for your modem. We need to know the serial number called
« MEID », this procedure explains how to know the MEID number for your modem.

Download the latest version of DC-Unlocker Huawei CDMA Modems Unlocker Client, the program is available at: www.dc-unlocker.com

DC-Unlocker 2 client

After you have downloaded and installed DC-Unlocker 2 client in your computer, connect the modem to the USB interface.

Run the program, leave the default options and click « the magnifying glass » (1). Wait for the software to detect the modem to have a diagnosis of your device then note the number MEID » (2).

Our software supports all CDMA modems Huawei, buy the flash code of your Huawei modem to less than $2. Satisfied or refunded.

After obtaining the specific flash code for your CDMA modem, you can proceed with the update and the release of your wireless modem.

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