Alcatel Unlock Code Calculator | How to Unlock Alcatel OneTouch

Enjoy Alcatel unlocking by IMEI number using online Alcatel unlock code calculator which will allow you to generate official Alcatel factory unlock codes in record time. Free unlock Alcatel phone, smartphone, modem, router and mobile hotspot to use your Alcatel device on any network worlwide.




1 - Make sure the device will prompt and ask you for a network code when a different or unsupported network sim card is inserted.

2 - Make sure that is correct IMEI. Usually your model number and the IMEI number are on the sticker on the back of your device or under the battery. No refund if you provide us wrong IMEI or any other incorrect info.

3 - Once the order has been placed it can not be changed or canceled as our automated service began processing the order.

4 - Our processing time is 30 - 60 minutes to generate your unlock code. Please allow up to maximum of 3 hours if the server is down or maitenance.

5 - We will send you the unlock code with instructions to the address specified in the order form (check SPAM folder if necessary).



Factory unlock code of Alcatel phones and modems are available, unlock all Alcatel phones by code with Alcatel unlocking service. Alcatel IMEI unlock codes calculate free unlock code Alcatel cell phone from the IMEI number. Use Alcatel modem unlock code generator if you need to unlock Alcatel One Touch modem or data card, mobile hotspot, router. Get Alcatel network unlock codes and instructions on how to enter unlock code into your Alcatel device.

ALCATEL MODEM: Alcatel One Touch X020, Alcatel One Touch X500X, Alcatel One Touch X030, Alcatel One Touch X060, Alcatel One Touch X230E, Alcatel One Touch X060, Alcatel One Touch X310X, Alcatel One Touch X060S, Alcatel One Touch X070S, Alcatel One Touch X300X, Alcatel One Touch X200, Alcatel One Touch X080S, Alcatel One Touch X230X, Alcatel One Touch X200X, Alcatel One Touch X090, Alcatel One Touch X228L, Alcatel X230M-2BSPPH3, Alcatel One Touch X210S, Alcatel One Touch X150X, Alcatel One Touch X225, Alcatel X230E-2BM1CI3, Alcatel One Touch X210X, Alcatel X300D-2XALDE1, Alcatel One Touch X200S, Alcatel One Touch X220X, Alcatel One Touch X225L, Alcatel X602D-2AALGB1, Alcatel One Touch X210, Alcatel X602D-2BRGNE3, Alcatel One Touch X215S, Alcatel One Touch X225S, Alcatel X080S-2XM1CI1, Alcatel One Touch X090S, Alcatel X320E-2BM1CI3, Alcatel One Touch X100X, Alcatel X230E-2BIFIN, Alcatel One Touch X230L, Alcatel X230E-2HAMMA3, Alcatel One Touch X030X, Alcatel L100V-2AALDE1, Alcatel One Touch S220L, Alcatel X220S-2EING1, Alcatel One Touch X220S, Alcatel One Touch X500D, Alcatel One Touch X230S, Alcatel X602D-2ARGKE3, Alcatel One Touch X602D, Alcatel X230E-2LATTE3-1, Alcatel One Touch X230, Alcatel X225S-2BSGSA-1, Alcatel One Touch X232, Alcatel One Touch X220Y, Alcatel X230M–2BSPPH3, Alcatel One Touch X230D, Alcatel X080C-2CV2NG1, Alcatel One Touch X220D, Alcatel X230L-2DSGSA3, Alcatel One Touch X520, Alcatel X090S-2BAMMA3, Alcatel One Touch X500, Alcatel One Touch X310, Alcatel One Touch X300, Alcatel One Touch X060X, Alcatel X602D-2AALDE1, Alcatel One Touch X070X, Alcatel X230E-2AM1TES, Alcatel X515, Alcatel One Touch X080X, Alcatel One Touch X215X, Alcatel One Touch X221L, Alcatel One Touch X225X, Alcatel MW40V-2AALDE1, Alcatel 411D MTS, Alcatel L100G, Alcatel W800Z-2AALGB1, Alcatel MTC 411D, Alcatel W800DG, Alcatel MW40CJ-2BATIN3, Alcatel X230L–2DSGSA3, Alcatel One Touch X228X, Alcatel One Touch X020X, Alcatel X230e-2LATMG3, Alcatel One Touch X520X, Alcatel One Touch X150, Alcatel L100-2ATGHU3, Alcatel One Touch X602, Alcatel X200X-2BPAHU3,

ALCATEL MOBILE WIFI: Alcatel One Touch M800V, Alcatel One Touch Link W800, Alcatel L850V-2AALDE1, Alcatel One Touch L100V, Alcatel One Touch Y858 Link 4, Alcatel Y610D-2BALIT1, Alcatel One Touch Y580, Alcatel One Touch Y900, Alcatel One Touch Y580Q, Alcatel One Touch L850V, Alcatel Y858V-2A2AGH3, Alcatel One Touch L850, Alcatel One Touch Osprey 2, Alcatel One Touch Osprey 2 mini, Alcatel MW40CJ-2AIJIN3, Alcatel One Touch Y853VB, Alcatel Y580E-2XALGB1, Alcatel One Touch Y854, Alcatel One Touch Y854B, Alcatel Y855V-2CTBGB3-1, Alcatel One Touch Y854VB, Alcatel L850V-2A2AGH3, Alcatel One Touch Home H850, Alcatel Y855V-2CTBGB3-1, Alcatel One Touch Y580X, Alcatel One Touch Link Y900NB, Alcatel L850V-2ABAMA1, Alcatel One Touch Y580E, Alcatel Y855V–2EMVSN3, Alcatel One Touch Y580Y, Alcatel One Touch Y600D0, Alcatel Y858V-2AALDE1, Alcatel Linkzone MW40V, Alcatel Y858v-2BALAP1-1, Alcatel One Touch Y850, Alcatel One Touch Y853, Alcatel One Touch Y855, Alcatel L100v-2BALZA1, Alcatel One Touch Y858V0, Alcatel Y855V-2F2AGH3, Alcatel One Touch Y800Z, Beeline 4G Router (Y858V0), Alcatel One Touch L855, Alcatel One Touch Y580D, Alcatel Y858V-2B2AGH3, Alcatel One Touch Y800, Alcatel One Touch Y800MA, Alcatel Y580E Beeline KZ, Alcatel Y900NB-2AALGB1-1, Alcatel One Touch L800, Alcatel Y855V-2AGBH3, Alcatel One Touch Y600, Alcatel Y858V0-2ABGGE1, Alcatel One Touch Y600D, Alcatel L850V–2AAMMA3, Alcatel One Touch Y858V, Alcatel L850V-28MVSN1, Alcatel One Touch Y855V, Alcatel L850V-2AALFR1-1, Alcatel One Touch Osprey 4GEE, MTS 411D, Alcatel Y600D0-2AALGB, Alcatel One Touch Osprey, Alcatel One Touch Y280X, Alcatel Y855v-2E2AGH3, Alcatel One Touch L100, Alcatel One Touch Link W800Z, Alcatel One Touch W800V, Alcatel One Touch H200Y

ALCATEL MOBILE PHONES: Alcatel X1, Alcatel Pixi 4 (5), Alcatel Flash Plus 2, Alcatel POP 7 LTE, Alcatel Pop 4S, Alcatel Pop 4+, Alcatel Pop 4, Alcatel Idol 4s, Alcatel Idol 4, Alcatel Fierce XL, Alcatel Pixi 4 (7), Alcatel Pixi 4 (6) 3G, Alcatel Pixi 4 (6), Alcatel Pixi 4 (4), Alcatel Pixi 4 (3.5), Alcatel Pixi 3 (8) LTE, Alcatel Pop 3 (5.5), Alcatel Pop 3 (5), Alcatel Fierce XL, Alcatel Flash 2, Alcatel Idol 3C, Alcatel Pixi 3 (10), Alcatel Pixi First, Alcatel Pop Up, Alcatel Pop Star LTE, Alcatel Pop Star, Alcatel Go Play, Alcatel Pop Astro, Alcatel Idol 3 (5.5), Alcatel Idol 3 (4.7), Alcatel Orange Klif, Alcatel Pixi 3 (5.5) LTE, Alcatel Pixi 3 (5.5), Alcatel Flash Plus, Alcatel Pixi 3 (8) 3G, Alcatel Pixi 3 (7) LTE, Alcatel Pixi 3 (7) 3G, Alcatel Pixi 3 (7), Alcatel Pixi 3 (5), Alcatel Pixi 3 (4.5), Alcatel Pixi 3 (4), Alcatel Pixi 3 (3.5), Alcatel Pixi 3 (3.5), Alcatel Pop D3, Alcatel Pop D1, Alcatel Pop Icon, Alcatel Fire C 2G, Alcatel Pop 2 (5), Alcatel Pop 2 (4), Alcatel Pop 2 (4.5) Dual SIM, Alcatel Pop 2 (4.5), Alcatel Fierce 2, Alcatel Evolve 2, Alcatel POP 8S, Alcatel Hero 8, Alcatel Hero 2, Alcatel Pixi 2, Alcatel Pop C2, Alcatel Pixi 8, Alcatel POP 7S, Alcatel Pop S9, Alcatel Pixi 7, Alcatel Pop S7, Alcatel Pop S3, Alcatel Fire 7, Alcatel Fire S, Alcatel Fire E, Alcatel Fire C, Alcatel Idol 2 S, Alcatel Idol 2, Alcatel Idol 2 Mini S, Alcatel Pop Fit, Alcatel Idol X+, Alcatel Pop C9, Alcatel Fierce, Alcatel Evolve, Alcatel Pop C7, Alcatel Pop C5, Alcatel Pop C3, Alcatel Pop C1, Alcatel Idol Alpha, Alcatel Hero, Alcatel Idol S, Alcatel Idol Mini, Alcatel One Touch T10, Alcatel One Touch Snap LTE, Alcatel One Touch Pixi, Alcatel One Touch Snap, Alcatel Idol X, Alcatel One Touch Fire, Alcatel One Touch Star, Alcatel One Touch Scribe Easy, Alcatel One Touch Idol Ultra, Alcatel One Touch Idol, Alcatel One Touch T'Pop, Alcatel One Touch S'Pop, Alcatel One Touch M'Pop, Alcatel One Touch X'Pop, Alcatel One Touch Scribe HD-LTE, Alcatel OT-983, Alcatel OT-997D, Alcatel OT-997, Alcatel OT-992D, Alcatel OT-978, Alcatel OT-988 Shockwave, Alcatel OT-993, Alcatel OT-903, Alcatel OT-986, Alcatel OT-991, Alcatel OT-916, Alcatel OT-906, Alcatel OT-995, Alcatel OT-990, Alcatel OT-910, Alcatel OT-908F, Alcatel OT-908, Alcatel OT-908, Alcatel OT-985, Alcatel OT-891 Soul, Alcatel OT-918, Alcatel OT-918D, Alcatel OT-890D, Alcatel OT-890, Alcatel OT-980


1 - Alcatel phone unlocked using given guide and instruction. Turn off your Alcatel cell phone. Insert a SIM card from another operator to your locked Alcatel android phone.

2 - Turn ON your Alcatel cellphone now you will see a box to enter “SIM network unlock PIN”. Input free Alcatel unlock codes to get unlocked Alcatel phone for life.


1 - Switch ON your phone without SIM Card. Enter: *#0000*Unlock Code#

2 - To finish, enter: *#0001*Unlock Code#


insert a SIM card from another operator in the modem then plug your Alcatel 3G/4G USB modem into a USB port on the computer. Run the connection manager automatically a pop-up window appears now enter your Alcatel nck code. Click « OK » to permanently unlock Alcatel modem dongle. If this method does not work, download Alcatel Modem NCK Inserter v2.0.7 to unlock your Alcatel OneTouch modem.


1 - To unlock your Alcatel mobile hotspot, insert a SIM card from another operator in the Alcatel router. Connect the Alcatel WiFi hotspot to your computer, use a compatible USB cable. Turn on your Alcatel MiFi, open the web browser and enter in the address bar:

2 - Enter « username » and « password » then click on: « Login » to access the management interface page. It will automatically redirect you to the unlocking page. Otherwise click « Connection tab » on the Home page.

3 - Enter Alcatel sim unlock code and click OK. Once your Alcatel mobile unlocked, create a new APN profile related to the SIM card used and connect to the internet.


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Unlocksimsolution: Unlock Phone | Modem Unlock | Router Unlock: Alcatel Unlock Code Calculator | How to Unlock Alcatel OneTouch
Alcatel Unlock Code Calculator | How to Unlock Alcatel OneTouch
Alcatel unlock service calculate Alcatel factory unlock codes and learn how unlock your Alcatel mobile phone, smartphone, tablet, modem, mobile hotspot for free. Online Alcatel unlock code calculator generator, unlock mobile phones, free unlock mobile phone, unlock phone online, imei unlock free, unlock phone imei, unlock phone network
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