DC Unlocker v.. 1195 V4 Algo Huawei B310, E3372h, E8372h, E8377

Huawei continues to inonver, the company has just inaugurated a new era of wireless connectivity with its high-end products (Modem Dongles, Mobile WiFi Hotspot, MiFi Clouds, Wingles, Wireless Gateway Router, LTE CPE Routers etc.) so you can enjoy a faster web experience and easier anytime and anywhere.

The unblocking is possible for AUTH V4 algo Huawei USB modems and gateway routers, however, there is not yet an unlocking solution from the IMEI number (direct calculation) for these device types.

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Need to unlock your device to use the SIM card of any mobile operator across the world, interested users can choose one of these two methods but be aware that the unlock is not free whatever the solution used.


DC Unlocker 2 Client is an unlocking software used to unlock wireless devices such as modems, data cards, routers and mobile phones. The software supports many device models and different brands such as Huawei, Amoi, Maxon, Novatel Merlin, Asus, Nokia, Pantech, Option Globetrotter, Dell, Sierra Wireless, ZTE and others.

DC-Unlocker v.. 1195 V4 algo Huawei B310, E3372h, E8372h, E8377 unlock support added now the latest version supports all Huawei V4 algo modems and routers. Users who wish to unlock their devices Huawei v4 algo by a server must buy credit from the official website: www.dc-unlocker.com

Connect modem to PC then wait till all drivers install. Disconnect internet, close the browser

Launch DC-Unlocker software

Select manufacturer: Huawei modems, model leave as Auto detect (recommended)

Click magnifying glass icon (1), wait till modem is fully detected

Open server tab (2), enter username and password received and click Check login button

Proceed to Unlocking tab (3) and click Unlock button (4) after message appears that device was unlocked successfully (5).


There is an alternative method as efficient as unlocking solution through server. This consists in calculating the unlock code from NVRAM data, the procedure is identical but in our case the unblocking is done offline.

After DC Unlocker 2 Client detects the device, go at the end of the result then copy and paste this code: AT^NVRDEX=50503,0,128 in DC Unlocker as shown in the picture. Click the ENTER key on the keyboard then get the hash code.

We made a detailed tutorial on how to get the hash code for modems and routers Huawei v4 algo launched between 2015-2016. Read more

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