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Calculate the unlock code for Huawei modems is quick and easy thanks to software such as code generators: YobbGSM Huawei Code Calculator. This offline solution allows to generate unlock code for Huawei modems, these models are identified by their IMEI number that begins with the number 35.

E156, E160, E196, E226, E270, E271, E272, E510, EG612G, E155, E156G, E169G, E170, E182E, E612, E618, E620, EG602, E1550, E160G, E169, E172, E180, E630, E630 + E660, E660A, E1552, E161, E166, E176, E1762, E800, E870, E880, EG162, E1762, E1550, E1553, K3517, K3520, K3710, E162, E1630, E1632, E166G,

Enter the 15-digit serial number of your modem in « IMEI » then click on « Calculate Now ». You will get the « flash code » used to update the modem firmware version, and you'll also have the « unlock code » to free your USB modem.

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The code unlocking solution is reliable, there are several possibilities to enter the unlock code obtained previously. Insert a SIM card from another operator in the modem then connect the device to the USB port of your computer.

After you download and install Mobile Partner, run the connection software then enter your unlock code in the window and confirm to unlock your modem.

This step is very important after deblocking procedure of Huawei modem. Without this configuration, it is impossible to connect to the internet with your modem. You must configure the connection software developed by Huawei Mobile Parter This generic control panel is compatible with any modem Huawei unlocked. Lire la suite

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