How to create a profile APN (Access Point Name) in Mobile Partner dashboard. Free download mobile partner.exe connection software for Windows XP/Vista/7/8, Mac and Linux. Descargar gratis Mobile Partner 11.302.09.00.03, Mobile Partner, Mobile Partner, Mobile Partner Telecharger Mobile Partner software all in one dashboard pack
After unlocking your modem, the second step is to download and configure the dashboard Mobile Partner. This connection manager is used to connect to the Internet with a modem Huawei unlocked, the program is developed by Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.

Mobile Partner

Versions of Mobile Partner listed below are compatible only with Huawei modems old algo, these models have a serial number that starts with the number 35.

→ Mobile Partner 11.302.09.00.03

→ Mobile Partner 11.302.09.01.539

→ Mobile Partner

→ Mobile Partner

→ Mobile Partner

→ Mobile Partner

To create a profile APN (Access Point Name) in Mobile Partner, configuration is identical for all these versions.
Installing Mobile Partner
This is important before you install Mobile Partner, uninstall the dashboard used or any other internet connection software present in your computer.

  • After you download the connection software Mobile Partner, run the setup program then click « Next » to install the application.
  • Read the terms and conditions of the license agreement then click « I agree »
  • Leave the default software installation directory and click « Next »
  • Click « Install » then wait time copying files. Click « Finish » at the end of the installation of Mobile Partner.
Configuring Mobile Partner
Before connecting the modem to the USB port of the computer, disable the PIN code of the SIM card if this feature is enabled. Double-click the icon Mobile Partner to access the program interface, click « Tools » (1) → « Options » (2).

Mobile Partner dashboard

Click « Profile Management » (3) to access the panel, click « New » (4) to create a new profile.

Enter the name of your operator in « Profile Name » (5), select « Static » (6) after enter the name of the access point in « APN » (7).

The authentication options vary for each mobile operator, you can contact your operator or search the Internet.

« Access Number » (8): *99****1# or *99#.

« Username » (9) if necessary

« Password » (10) if necessary

Click « Save » (11) → « OK » (12) to return to the interface of the dashboard. Click « Connect » (13) to connect now open your web browser (Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari) to surf.

The type of signal (14) varies depending on network coverage and modem emission intensity is indicated by the number of bars or tri color LED indicator.

It is very important to select « WCDMA Only » in the network parameters to use the 3G service, click ToolsOptionsNetworkNetwork Type. To stop the internet connection, click « Disconnect »

CAUTION: It is recommended to use Mobile Partner v23 if your Huawei modem has a serial number that starts with the number 86, this version of Mobile Partner supports all Huawei modems (old / new / v201) algo.

→ Mobile Partner

→ Mobile Partner

→ Mobile Partner

→ Mobile Partner

→ Mobile Partner

For details on the configuration procedure, please see this article dedicated to Mobile Partner v23.

..:: Huawei Mobile Partner Dashboard ::..
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