How to Update/Upgrade Driver Firmware Huawei Modem Dongle

Some options Huawei modems are locked by your operator for various reasons. The firmware upgrade provides many benefits like the opportunity to improve the performance of your modem, fixing bugs.

To fully enjoy all the features of your modem 3G / 4G Huawei, the recommended solution is to upgrade the firmware version of the driver after the release procedure from the modem.


Flashing the Huawei modem is simple but this step is not mandatory. If you decide to upgrade your modem, it is important to follow these instructions to avoid losing your 3G USB modem Huawei.

  • Make a backup of modem drivers if possible before beginning the procedure, you can download Dashboard Tool Huawei or Huawei Modem Flasher v.1.6 .
  • It is advisable to use a laptop with a battery charged to 100%, in case of a power cut during the process your internet key becomes unusable.
  • Close the Mobile Partner dashboard or other connection manager installed in the computer.
  • Do not run another program during the update process.
  • Do not remove the modem to the USB interface port to avoid damage to your device.
  • Do not turn off or standby computer.
Connect the modem to the USB interface port of your computer without putting SIM card inside. After downloading and decompressing the update file, run « Firmware Update Wizard.exe ».


Read the license agreement, check « I accept the agreement » then click « Next ».

Once detected modem, select « Auto Remove The Device After Update » and click Next ».

Click « Start » then enter the flash code and click « Next » to continue the upgrade process.


Wait until the message « Update Success » appears on the screen to click on « OK » then on « Finish ».

Huawei Code Flash Calculator

1. OLD ALGO: Huawei Modem Unlocker v.5.8.1 by Bojs is a software to generate the flash code for Huawei modems with a serial number ** 35. Download Huawei Modem Unlocker v.5.8.1 by Bojs.

2. NEW ALGO: Huaweicalculator is an online site that offers the possibility of obtaining the flash code of Huawei modems as an identification number 86 **. Huawei Calculator V3 Online.

3. CDMA EDVO: Contact us to receive your free flash code. more information.

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