Download Sola GSM Calc v.0.4 by Bojs

Sola GSM Calc v.0.4 allows permanent release of Huawei modem old algorithm as IDEA NetSetter (E1550, E1732, EG162G), these models have a serial number that begins with the number 35. You can use this software to send messages from a computer or calculate the unlock code of some mobile phone models mark (ZTE, VK, LG). The application is developed by Bojs, author of the famous « Huawei Modem Unlocker v5.8.1 » unlocking software.

After you download and install Sola GSM Calc v.0.4 by Bojs in your computer, connect the modem to the USB port interface then run the software.

Sola GSM Calc

Check the « Manually Select COM Port » (1) after select « COM Port » (2), click on « Connect » (3) status of the modem is shown at the bottom of the software (4).

If you do not know the COM port used, perform these steps depending on the operating system installed in your computer:

* SEVEN: Start -> Control Panel -> Hardware and Sound -> Device Manager.

* XP: Control Panel -> System -> Hardware tab -> Device Manager.

* SWEET: Start -> Control Panel -> System -> Hardware tab -> Device Manager.

* VISTA: Start -> Control Panel -> System -> Device Manager.

Sola GSM Calc v.0.4

Click on « Ports (COM et LPT) » to display the COM port as shown in the image.

Sola GSM Calc v.0.4

Click the tab « Huawei Unlocker » (5), once the detected modem.

Click « « Read Device Info/GET IMEI » (6) to obtain detailed information about the modem.

Click « « Calculate » (7) to generate the unlock code and flash code used to update the firmware version of drivers.

Select « « Relock » (8) click on « DO JOB » (9).

Select « Reset LCK » (10) then click « DO JOB » (9). The modem is unlocked to accept the SIM card from any mobile operator in the world.
Configuration Internet Connection

After the release of the modem, it is important to configure Mobile Partner connection software for internet access and for details on the procedure. ... read more

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