Download JAC Calculator v0.1 by Josedavido

JAC Calculator v0.1 by Josedavido is used to calculate the unlock code for Huawei USB modems and some models of mobile phone. The software unlocks your modem safe for you allow to use the GSM network of any mobile operator in the world, this release procedure is warranty 100 % successful for all Huawei modems listed.

E220; K3520; K3565; K3715; E1552; E155; E156; E156G; E160; E160G; E161; E166; E169G; E172; E176; E180; ; E196; E270; E271; E272; E510; E612; E618; E620; E630; E630+; EG602; EG602G; E660; E660A; E800; E870; E880; EG161; EG162G; EG602; EG602G; K2540; K3515; K3520; K3565; K3520; K3565

A261, GR230, GX760, GX761, Orange Vegas, T-Mobile Vairy Touch, Vodafone Indie, X760, X761, X960, X990, X990D

114, 132, 231, 232, 241, 251, 341, 342, 343, Messenger Edition 251

EL03, MANDARINA DUCK, MISS SIXTY, OT-C700, OT-C701, OT-C707, OT-C717, OT-C820, OT-C825, OT-S215, OT-S218, OT-S319, OT-S320, OT-S321, OT-S520, OT-V670, OT-V770, PLAYBOY

345, 345 GSM, 409, 409s, 410, 410s, 610, 610s


Connect the internet stick to the USB port of the computer, run JAC Calculator v0.1 by Josedavido. Enter the serial number of the modem called « IMEI » (1), select « Huawei » (2), then select the model of your modem (3).

JAC Calculator v0.1 by Josedavido

Check the « Auto » (4) after click « Detect Modem » (5) . Click on « Connect » (6) - « Read Info » (7) - « Direct Unlock » (8).

..:: Download JAC Calculator by Josedavido ::..

After the release of the modem, it is important to configure Mobile Partner connection software for internet access and for details on the procedure. ... read more

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