Download Huawei Unlock Tool v2.5.3.0 Latest Version

The modems Huawei E153, E173, E220 can be unlock with Huawei Unlock Tool v2.5.3.0. This software allows the permanent unlocking all Huawei USB modems with a serial number that starts with the number 35.

To unlock your device, connect the modem to the interface of USB port on the computer then close the connection software used.

Huawei Unlock Tool v2.5.3.0

Run « Huawei Unlock Tool v2.5.3.0 » after select HUAWEI Mobile Connect – 3G PC UI Interface in « Port » (1), click on « Connect » (2) for a complete diagnosis of the modem.

Huawei Unlock Tool-v2.5.3.0

Click « Send Unlock » (3) to permanently unlock your modem, now you can use the SIM card of any mobile operator. Huawei Unlock Tool v2.5.3.0 generates the « Flash Code » (4) that allows to change the firmware version of your modem and you can use other software features like:

« Reset Counter » (5): If you have entered more than 10 incorrect codes, use this function to reset the unlock counter from 0 to 10. « Enable Voice » (6): You can call and receive calls from a computer if your modem supports this function.
Configuration Internet Connection

After the release of the modem, it is important to configure Mobile Partner connection software for internet access and for details on the procedure. ... read more

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