Download FMC UnLock v1.0 for Huawei Gateway Router

The use of Huawei routers (B115, B153, B183, B200, B200W, B203, B260A, B593, B660, B681, B683, B686, B890, B932, B933, B960, B970 and others) offer many features, these models combine both a wifi and phone service.

A software solution is available to unlock these routers using an operator code, we explain how to unlock your device safely so you can use the SIM card from another operator.

FMC UnLock v1.0 allows the release of Huawei routers with LAN port, use an RJ45 cable to connect your router to the computer without putting a SIM card inside the unit.

FMC UnLock v1.0

It is important to disable the wireless connection then run FMC UnLock 1.0 for the software automatically detects your router. Enter your unlock code in « Password » then click on « Unlock » to unlock the router.

Wireless Device

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