Download CDMA Workshop v.2.7.0 Pre-Cracked Full Version

The mobile operators sell to their subscribers various wireless products such as internet keys. All Huawei 3G USB modems: EC122, EC1260, EC150, EC156, EC159, EC1561, EC167, EC168, EC169, EC186, EC226, EC321, EC325, EC367 are marketed because difficult to unlock.

These modems use technology CDMA EV-DO Rev 20001x and are compatible with 2G/3G networks, the unlock process your CDMA modem is done in several steps.

- Get Flash Code - HERE

The recommended solution is to flash the modem, you'll need a flash code generated from the serial number called MEID. Our service offers you the opportunity to get your free flash code.

To help us calculate the flash code, you must know the MEID number of the modem. Download the latest version of DC-Unlocker 2 Client at:

DC-Unlocker 2 client

After you have downloaded and installed DC-Unlocker 2 client, connect the modem to the USB port of your computer. Run the program, leave the default options and click « the icon of the mirror » (1).

Once detected modem, you will have a complete diagnosis of the status of your modem after the note « MEID » number (2).

- Driver Firmware Update - HERE

You must download the original drivers of your modem to update the firmware version of the modem. Run « Firmware Update Wizard.exe », check option « I accept the agreement » then click « Next ».

Firmware Update Wizard

Check « Auto Remove The Device After Update » and click « Next ».

Firmware Update Wizard

Click « Start », enter the flash code obtained then click « Next » to continue the upgrade process. Wait until the message « Update Success » appears click « OK » - « Finish ».

Firmware Update Wizard

- CDMA Workshop v.2.7.0 Full Cracked

The application unlocks the CDMA EVDO modems and mobile phone with a Qualcomm chipset. You can use this software to repair IMEI, ESN, MEID or change the security code.

Run 2ED-CDMA Workshop to access the software interface. For selecting the « COM port » (1) adequate, look at the « Diagnostic » in DC- Unlocker 2 Client as shown in the image above.

CDMA Workshop Tool v.2.7.0

Click on « Connect » (2), then click on the tab « Security » (3).

CDMA Workshop Tool v.2.7.0

Enter 000000 in the box, then click « SPC » (4) - « Send » (5). When the notification message SPC accepted appears your modem is unlocked.

To activate R-UIM function, click « Other » (6) then select 'R-UIM only' or 'R-UIM if avail' in « R-UIM Config » (7).

..:: CDMA Workshop Tool v.2.7.0 Cracked Full Version ::..

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i cant able to find huawei EC 159 device in dc unlocker so it is difficult to unlock the device


This tutorial explains step by step how to unlock Huawei CDMA modems. Download DC-Unlocker Huawei CDMA Modems Unlocker client v.1.0032, this version is compatible with all CDMA modems


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