How to Enter Unlock Code Huawei Old, New, V201, V3, V4 Algo

No need for technical knowledge to unlock your Huawei modem yourself, this detailed procedure helps you unlock all Huawei modems in in a totally legal manner and safely. The code unlocking solution is reliable, this method offers numerous benefits and does not affect the warranty of your USB modem 3G / 4G.

You have plenty of opportunities to send the unlock code for your Huawei modem, choose a method and follow step by step explanations.

SOLUTION 1: Huawei Mobile Partner - Download

Huawei Mobile Partner is a connection manager used with Huawei modems unlocked. This generic dashboard is compatible with all modems Huawei HI-LINK, GSM, CDMA EV-DO.

After downloading Mobile Partner, it is recommended to uninstall the connection software used or any other dashboard present in your computer before you install Mobile Partner. Insert a SIM card from another operator in the modem then plug your modem into a USB port on the computer.

Enter Unlock Code Huawei

Run Mobile Partner automatically a pop-up window appears now enter your unlock code. Click « OK » to permanently unlock the modem.

SOLUTION 2: CardLock_UnLock-e58xx Tool - Download

CardLock_UnLock.exe is a very effective unlocking utility to send the unlock code for Huawei modems, the application also supports routers Huawei E58xxx.

CardLock Unlock

Run CardLock UnLock to access the software interface, enter your unlock code 8 digits then click « OK ». Once unlocked modem, the device will be compatible with all mobile operators in the world

SOLUTION 3 : Huawei Modem Code Writer v1.0b - Download

Huawei Modem Code Writer v1.0b sends the unlock code for all Huawei modems, the application is developed by Sagmaster. Run Huawei Modem Code Writer v1.0b by Sagmaster click on « Please Select Com Port » (1) to open a pop-up window.

Huawei Modem Code Writer v1.0b

Click on « Detect » (2) after select « COM Huawei Mobile Connect - 3G Modem » in the menu (3). Click « Accept » (4) to return to the main interface of the software.

Huawei Modem Code Writer v1.0b

Click « Unlock Modem » (5), enter your 8-digit unlock code (6) and click « OK » (7) to release the modem, the internet stick is now compatible with SIM cards from all mobile operators in the world.

Huawei Modem Code Writer v1.0b

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You can yourself calculate the unlock code for your device from the following websites however we accept no liability for the generated code. Try: IMEI Unlock Code Generator or Huawei Calculator v3 or Huawei NCK Calculation

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